San Antonio Dominatrix

​​​ "Hi, Mistress...just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for a fun experience Friday. You are so much fun. I would love to get together with you again in the future.”

-Rick Sept 2016

" gave me the chance to express fluidity. I used to think dressing up had to mean something, had to, in some way, define who I was. This is the typical kink view of life. But why can’t it just be fun? Why can’t it just be a way of breaking through categories and letting the true self free? [What is the true self? A good question, but the answer definitely does not fit into a category.]
So I will always treasure dancing (as it were) with you (in a way) and letting myself feel free. It was a moment of joy.

​Forgive me for this long missive. I think – I hope – you will understand. My feeling about you is that you too desire fluidity in life - and maybe are achieving it. But in any event, I thank you for having given me the opportunity to feel it for myself."

-Alex March 2017